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Students participating through the American Semester Program & Exchanges are seen as fully integrated MSU students, able to choose courses from a large catalog of hundreds of offerings.

Students must be flexible and willing to work with their academic advisers at their home institutions to identify courses that will benefit them most. Once courses of interest have been identified, we work within our network of academics to either enroll students in their requested courses, or offer other options that may be available.

We have compiled lists of commonly taken courses. Some are without pre-requisites or requirements, so investigating further into requirements may be necessary. The list may vary per semester, and should only be seen as a guide when selecting courses. Enrollment is based on approval from each college.

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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College of Arts & Letters

The college hosts many majors and minors in literatures, languages, global religions, cultures, philosophy, arts, design, digital media,and theatre. Faculty and students represent diverse backgrounds and cultures and work together to challenge past assumptions and set future directions in the arts and humanities.

Courses commonly taken within Arts & Letters:

ENG 130 Film and Society

ENG 140 Literature and Society

ENG 142 Introduction to Popular Lit

ENG 153 Introduction to Women Authors

FLM 200 Film Collective

FLM 260 Introduction to Digital Film and Emergent Media

GSAH 200 Global Questions, Issues

GSAH 220 Global Interactions/Identities

GSAH 230 Values/Experience/Difference

HA 102 Western Art: Renaissance-Contemporary

HA 209 Ancient Art

HA 210 Medieval Art

HA 240 Modern Art

HA 250 American Art

HA 251 History of Photography

HA 252 Intro to Contemporary Art

LIN 200 Introduction to Language

LIN 225 Language and Gender

PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy

PHL 130 Logic and Reasoning

PHL 211 Modern Philosophy

PHL 220 Existentialism

PHL 247 Aesthetics

REL 220 Religion in America

STA 110 Drawing I

STA 113 Color and Design

STA 114 Three-Dimensional Form

STA 160 Digital Graphic Design

STA 260 Concepts of Graphic Design

WS 201 Intro to Women’s Studies

WS 225 Language and Gender

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College of Communication Arts & Sciences

The College of Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS), the first of its kind in the nation, pushes the boundaries of communication research and teaching to improve lives and promote democratic values. Working side by side, students and faculty discover and explore the next communication frontiers. Its work is vital to understanding how people communicate effectively with each other to increase productivity, reduce health and safety risks, and improve quality of life around the world.

Common courses taken within CAS:

ADV 205 Principles of Advertising (3 credits)

ADV 225 Writing for Public Relations (3 credits)

ADV 260 Principles of Public Relations (3 credits)

COM 100 Human Communication (3 credits)

COM 225 An Intro to Interpersonal Comm (3 credits)

COM 240 Introduction to Organizational Comm (4 credits)

COM 275 Effects of Mass Communication (3 credits)

COM 391 Verbal, Intercul or Gender Com (4 credits)

JRN 108 The World of Media (3 credits)

JRN 203 Visual Storytelling (3 credits)

JRN 212 2D Animation Storytelling (3 credits)

JRN 218 Sports Media I (3 credits)

JRN 375 International Journalism (3 credits)

MI 101 Understanding Media and Information (3 credits)

MI 201 Media and Info Tech (3 credits)

MI 211 Documentary History and Theory (3 credits)

MI 220 Understanding Users (3 credits)

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College of Engineering

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College of Law

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College of Natural Science

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College of Social Science

The College of Social Science is the largest and among the most diverse at MSU and offers 13 major disciplines. Nearly 400 tenured and tenure-stream faculty provide instructional, research, and outreach services within its eight departments, three schools, and seven centers and institutes. Scholars in the college are diverse and dynamic intellectual leaders who seek to understand and address the myriad challenges facing our world at local and global scales through collaborative learning and responsive engagement with people and communities.

Commonly taken courses within Social Science:

ANP 201 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)

ANP 203 Introduction to Archaeology (3 credits)

ANP 206 Introduction to Physical Anthropology (3 credits)

ANP 220 Gender Relations Comp Persp (3 credits)

ANP 236 Peace and Justice Studies (3 credits)

ANP 264 Great Discoveries Archaeology (3 credits)

CJ 110 Intro to Criminal Justice (3 credits)

EC 201 Introduction to Microeconomics (3 credits)

EC 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics (3 credits)

GEO 113 Introduction to Economic Geography (3 credits)

GEO 151 Human Geography (3 credits)

GEO 203 Introduction to Meteorology (3 credits)

GEO 204 World Regional Geography (3 credits)

HST 110 Hist Appro to Contemp Issues (3 credits)

HST 140 World History to 1500 (4 credits)

HST 150 World History Since 1500 (4 credits)

HST 202 US History to 1876 (4 credits)

HST 203 US History Since 1876 (4 credits)

PLS 100 Intro to American Politics (3 credits)

PLS 140 Intro to Comparative Politics (3 credits)

PLS 160 Intro to International Relations (3 credits)

PLS 170 Introduction to Political Philosophy (3 credits)

PLS 313 American Public Policy (3 credits)

PLS 333 Public Opinion & Pol Behavior (3 credits)

PLS 346 Middle East Politics (3 credits)

PLS 351 African Politics (3 credits)

PLS 354 Politics of Asia (3 credits)

PSY 101 Introductory Psychology (4 credits)

SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology (4 credits)

SOC 161 International Development & Change (3 credits)

SOC 215 Race and Ethnicity (3 credits)

SOC 216 Sex and Gender (3 credits)

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James Madison College

James Madison College (JMC) provides a liberal education in public affairs for undergraduates. The college is dedicated to the highest standards of excellence, both for students and for faculty and staff. The curriculum and individual courses are multidisciplinary, cultivating in students the skills of rigorous thought, lucid prose writing, and articulate speech. The residential environment nurtures a collegium of scholars among students, faculty, and staff.

Common courses taken within JMC:

MC 220 IR I World Pol & Intl Security (4 credits)

MC 221 IR II Pol Intl Econ Relations (4 credits)

MC 230 Cultures/Politics Comp Perspec (4 credits)

MC 231 Cultures/Politics Trans Persp (4 credits)

MC 270 Classical Republicanism (4 credits)

MC 271 Constitutionalism & Democracy (4 credits)

MC 272 Political Theory & Issues (4 credits)

MC 280 Social Theory & Relations (4 credits)

MC 281 Immig Minor & Amer Pluralism (4 credits)

MC 293 Strat Methods Public Affairs (4 credits)

MC 295

MC 319

MC 320

MC 321

MC 322

MC 323

MC 324a

MC 324b

MC 324c

MC 324d

MC 324e

MC 325

And many more!

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Eli Broad College of Business

Among the largest business schools in the nation and consistently ranked among the top business schools in the country, the Eli Broad College of Business and the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management, commonly referred to as the Broad College, have been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International since 1953. The Eli Broad College of Business has a smaller offering of courses for American Semester Program students.

Currently, the following are the the only available courses in the Eli Broad College of Business:

ACC 230 Survey of Accounting Concepts

BUS 170 Business Model Development: The Hive Startup

BUS 190 The Art of Starting

FI 320 Introduction to Finance

GBL 323 Introduction to Business Law

MGT 325 Management Skills and Processes

MKT 327 Introduction to Marketing

SCM 304 Survey of Supply Chain Management

...course offerings vary per semester, and may not always be available to ASP students.

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linton-hall.jpgWe work hard to ensure a large amount of course offerings for our students, no matter what they want to study. Our vast network of colleges, advisers and professors allow us to enroll both ASP and exchange students into courses throughout 17 individual colleges.

While course offerings may change by semester, our listings should be used as examples of available courses. Courses may also have prerequisites or other requirements, which may prohibit enrollment.

Individual course descriptions, prerequisites and semester offerings can be found at schedule of courses.

For more information on course offerings, including individual departments and areas of study, view Colleges & Subject Areas.

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