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Welcome to Michigan State University!

We are so excited you chose to study through the American Semester Program & Exchanges. You will soon join more than 50,000 fellow Spartans from around the world, including students from all 50 US states, as you take part in a great personal and academic experience that will surely help you grow, learn and experience things you will cherish for years to come.

This page is dedicated to you - the soon-to-be student at MSU! Here, you will find any relevant information for your program, along with links to all newsletters for the upcoming semester.

Our American Semester Program & Exchanges Welcome Guide will help you in the coming weeks to plan for your time at MSU.

If you have any questions regarding arrivals, dates or even if you just want a few tips on things to do when you are here, do not hesitate to contact us!

All important dates related to upcoming semesters can be found here. Additionally, all relevant information regarding costs for both undergraduate and graduate students can be found here.

Spring 2018 Semester Newsletters:

ASP&E Newsletter #1

ASP&E Newsletter #2

ASP&E Newsletter #3

ASP&E Newsletter #4

ASP&E Newsletter #5

Spring 2018 Orientation Schedule:

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