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Courses and Academics

What courses are offered at MSU?

Different courses are offered each semester, so it is best to check the course schedule for the most up to date offerings. Make sure to select the correct semester.

How do I enroll in courses?

Before you arrive at MSU, your Coordinator at MSU and your academic adviser will be working closely to complete a course schedule for you. With your application you submit the top 10 courses you are interested in taking while you are at MSU, and this information in addition to your academic background is used when determining your course schedule. If you do not list enough courses, or the courses you request are not offered, you may be contacted by your Coordinator at MSU to determine if there are any other classes you are interested in taking. It's important you respond to the emails you receive from MSU.

What are the minimum and maximum number of credits I can take?

All students on student visas must be enrolled in a full time course load. For undergraduate students a full time load is 12 credits. It is recommended that students take no more than 15 credits. 

For graduate students the minimum number of credits is 9 and the maximum is 12.

In certain circumstances, if students would like to take more credits, special exceptions may be granted. However, students who come to MSU on the basis of exchange agreements will not be able to enroll in more credits than outlined in the specific exchange agreement.

I am an undergraduate student. Can I take graduate level courses?

No, undergraduate students are not permitted to take graduate level courses. Undergraduate students will be able to enroll in courses of the 100 to 400 level. Graduate courses are assigned 800 or 900 numbers.

What is D2L and how do I use it?

D2L is a course web page offered to students. Through this website students can contact professors and other class members, check grades, download lecture notes, and receive and submit homework assignments. At the beginning of a semester your professor may add you to a D2L group for your course.

Some courses may have online components which require students to use D2L more frequently. In this case, it's okay to ask for help from your professor or teaching assistant if you need more clarification on the way to use D2L.

I need help with a writing assignment. Where can I go for help?

The Writing Center is a great resource for students who need help with writing assignments. The main writing center is located in room 300 Bessey Hall, and there are also other locations in the Library, Business College Complex, and Hubbard Hall. Students make appointments before going to the Writing Center. Students can schedule appointments and get more information on their website.


I have a learning disability or other disability and need special accommodation. Where do I go for help?

The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) handles any concerns that students with disabilities may have. The office is located in room 120 Bessey Hall. Contact your American Semester Program coordinator as well, as they can put you in contact with the appropriate resources.

How do I get a copy of my transcript from MSU?

At MSU transcripts are free. You can only receive a transcript after you have completed at least one semester of courses at Michigan State. Visit the transcript page on the Registrar's website to complete an online order form.

If you are ordering your transcript before the end of the semester, remember to check the box which says, "hold for semester grades". Also, your transcript will not be sent until all holds are taken off of your account. It is important to check to make sure you don't have any unpaid bills before you leave MSU.

Transcripts are available electronically, but they can also be sent by U.S. Postal service. be sure to enter the address of the recipient (such as your adviser back home) correctly.

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