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American Semester Program

About the American Semester Program

The American Semester Program (ASP) is a fee-paying, study abroad program offered at Michigan State University (MSU). ASP offers programs for international undergraduate and graduate students to study abroad at MSU, a top-tier academic and research institution, based in East Lansing, Michigan.

All ASP students are fully integrated into university life, and guaranteed on-campus housing with access to MSU dining halls. Students can also participate in student organizations, join sports teams, and enjoy the quintessential college town of East Lansing.

ASP students will take courses alongside MSU degree-seeking students. Students normally transfer credit back to their home institution for the courses they complete. Regardless of duration, participating on an ASP program provides students with many resources and opportunities including on-site orientation, social and cultural excursions, and ASP sponsored programming and events.

Additionally, students receive one-on one health, safety and academic support, before, during and after the program.

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20121127.DLT.3180-(ZF-3125-20073-1-001).jpgAdmissions Requirements

Applicants must meet specific requirements to enroll in the American Semester Program. Review them before you apply.

IMG_9257-WEB.jpgHousing and Dining Plans

Guaranteed on-campus housing for all semester students, living and learning with other MSU degree-seeking students. Access to unlimited meal plans, redeemable at all on-campus cafeterias.

Research Student.jpgProgram Opportunities

American Semester Program students can work to combine a semester of on-campus academic study with other unique experiences and opportunities offered at MSU. Students can participate in internships in locations like San Francisco and New York City, Study Away programs in the U.S., and Study Abroad programs in more than 70 locations worldwide.


There can be financial barriers to studying abroad. We collaborate with our international partners to identify these barriers. Students participating in the American Semester Program have access to country specific, targeted scholarships.


side-by-side_students-studying.jpgMSU has 17 colleges in total - 3 of which are residential colleges, where courses, advisers, students and faculty are more closely aligned in a single location. What this means is that as an ASP student, you have access to hundreds of course offerings for any given semester. You have the flexibility to take courses within your major, while also expanding outside of your comfort zone to experience new, unique subjects.

ASP students can take between 12-15 credits per semester, or 24-30 per academic year (two semesters). The courses are fully integrated, and ASP students will be in class with MSU students and faculty.

We work hard to ensure ASP students can enroll in requested courses, but sometimes we have difficulty - availability, enrollment limits, prerequisites, etc. AS such, upon applying, providing us with up to 10 courses of interest will allow flexibility in scheduling, while we work to place you in courses applicable to your degree.

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Program Expectations

ALC Detroit.jpgASP students have access to outstanding academic facilities, hundreds of classes, new American and international friends, the full residential college experience, big college sports, student organizations, coffee lounges and cultural activities, and of course, all that the American Midwest has to offer - warm summers and snowy winters.

ASP students are fully integrated academically and socially at MSU. ASP is not an extension program, nor are ASP students segregated from degree seeking students. ASP students take courses and live in on-campus residence halls with American students, while having the privileges, amenities and accommodations as a full degree seeking student.

Our network of colleges, academic advisers and faculty work hard to make sure your experience at MSU is not only positive, but fun!

Student Life

side-by-side_stadium.jpgStudent Life

Michigan State Uiversity students and fans proudly refer to themselves as "Spartans". Our university has a loyal following of alumni, fans and students.

MSU is home to one of the most talented, creative, and hardworking student communities you’ll find. Our students come from all 50 states and more than 130 countries. They win championship titles and some of the world’s most prestigious academic awards. They conduct research, study abroad, and take advantage of hundreds of student organizations and the more than 200 academic programs MSU offers.

As an ASP student, you will have the entire MSU community to tap into. You can join clubs or intramural sports teams, attend athletic games and go to shows and concerts, or even get an on-campus job! We want you to take in all that a large American institution has to offer.

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For questions about this program, contact Nick Schrader.

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