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Our Team

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American Semester Program & Exchanges is housed within the Office for Education Abroad, focusing on inbound direct enrollment and exchange programming for international partner institutions and students. Our team is split between Exchange Programs, Short Term, Special Programs and the American Semester Program.

For students interested in working within our office, feel free to learn about our volunteer and work opportunities!

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Lewis 2018.pngLewis Cardenas

Lewis is the Assistant Director of International Partnerships and Special Programs, focusing on strategic partnerships, recruitment and marketing with international partners and institutions.

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Phone: 517-884-7920 
Email: carden12(at)
427 N. Shaw Lane Room 12 Office H
East Lansing, MI 48824

Kellie 2018.pngKellie Clock

Kellie is the Short Course and Special Programs Coordinator. She manages all American Semester Program Short Courses and works with departments at MSU to develop customized Short Courses to fit their needs.

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Email: clockkel(at)
Phone: +1-517-432-8785
427 N. Shaw Lane Room 12 Office J
East Lansing, MI 48824

Doreen 2018.pngDoreen Sheridan

Doreen is the Program Coordinator who works with MSU's exchange partner universities and prospective exchange students who have questions about the application process, the semester at MSU or the exchange program in general.

Contact Doreen for any questions related to exchanges at MSU.

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E-mail: sherid80(at)
Phone: +1-517-884-3509
427 N. Shaw Lane, Room 12 Office J
East Lansing, MI 48824


Janelle Pangilinan

Janelle is the MSU Office for Education Abroad Curriculum Integration Specialist. She works with all inbound ASP&E semester admitted students in collaboration with our MSU College contacts to assist them with the course selection process. 

E-mail: pangili3(at)                          
Phone: +1-517-353-8921
427 N. Shaw Lane, Room 109
East Lansing, MI 48824

Andrea Thomman 

Andrea is a Support Specialist for Education Abroad. She assist all inbound ASP&E students through the initial application processing.  

Phone: +1-517-353-8921
427 N. Shaw Lane, Room 109
East Lansing, MI 48824

Lori Thomas

Lori is a Support Specialist for Education Abroad. She works with all outbound exchange students through the application process.  

Email: thoma657(at)
Phone: +1-517-353-8921
427 N. Shaw Lane, Room 109
East Lansing, MI 48824


Team Profiles 2018 b.png

Andrea 2.jpg
Andrea Herrera

Email: herre106(at)

Major: World Politics and German

Activities: International Relations Organization, Culturas de las Razas Unidas, IM Soccer and Indoor Soccer, work at Sparty's Market


Anne Straith

Email: straitha(at)

Major: World Politics and French, International Development

Activities: Club gymnastics

Carlos.jpgCarlos Ferran-Heredia

Carlos: ferranhe(at)

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Minors: Mandarin Chinese and Cognitive Science

Activities: Sparrow Volunteer

Caroline 2.jpegCaroline Burdick

Email: burdic40(at)

Major: International Relations, Political Economy, Spanish

Activities: Model UN, Student Senate


Cici.JPGCici Zhou

Email: zouxinwe(at)

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Teaching English as a Second Language

Diana.jpegDiana Serrano

Email: serran22(at)

Major: Social Work

Minor: Human Behavior & Social Services, Entrepreneurship

Activities: Mentor for freshmen students, employee at IM Sports West

Isabella.JPGIsabella Green


Major: Neuroscience and Anthropology

Minor: Environment and Health

Activities: Orchesis Dance, Research assistant

Hamzah.jpgHamzah Siddiqui

Email: siddiq73(at)

Major: Supply Chain Management

Minor: Computer Science

Activities: Supply Chain Management Association, Ski Club, Intramural basketball/flag football

Jack.jpegJack Boyce

Email: boycejac(at)

Major: International Relations, Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy

Activities: Model UN

Keith 2.jpgKeith Tindall

Email: tindal10(at)

Major: Spanish

Activities: Intramural Soccer

LaTaja.jpegLaTaja Maddox

Email: maddoxl3(at)

Majors: Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy, Criminal Justice

Minors: French, Criminal Justice, European Studies, Law Justice and Public Policy

Lillian.jpgLillian Gosser

Email: gosserli(at)

Major: Food Science

Minor: Entrepreneurship

Activities: Research Assistant for CMSE department

Macie.jpegMacie Zack

Email: zackmaci(at)

Major: Kinesiology

Minors: Spanish, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Activities: Intramural Volleyball, Sparrow Volunteer

Maddie.jpegMadison Payne

Email: paynemad(at)

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Mathematics for Elementary Students and TESOL

Activities: Intramural Soccer, Cru, Bridges International, MSU Education Global Cohort

Rachel Ko

Email: korachel(at)

Major: Communication

Activities: Spartan Fair Chance, Research Assistant

randy.pngRandy Perkins

Email: perki211(at)

Major: International Relations and Criminal Justice

Activities: Intramural soccer, spartan remix, MRULE/Intercultural Aide

Savior.jpgSavior Williams Onuorah

Email: will3081(at)

Major: Economics

Activities: Intramural sports, Economics Society

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