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Communication & Academics


The ASP Short Course Coordinator will be available by phone 24/7 during the dates of the program. The emergency phone number will be on an Emergency Card provided upon arrival to the program.

Wi-Fi is available in all common spaces, including lounges on each residence hall floor. Wi-Fi is also available throughout campus and will be accessible once on campus. The campus-wide Wi-Fi is “MSU Net 3.0”.

If you have a cell phone number that works in the United States, or if you get a local sim card, please provide the number to ASP staff during orientation. It is not required to obtain a sim card and local phone number, but it is highly recommended that you at least have the ability to make emergency phone calls from your cell phone.

Remind – messaging system with ASP Staff
ASP will be using the app and messaging system called Remind. It is free to use and works using a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Staff will send out announcements and alerts, and students can respond and communicate directly with staff.

During orientation, we will get everyone registered and demonstrate how we will use Remind to communicate with you.
It is recommended that you download the Remind app to your smart phone for the easiest way to use this
messaging service:


The ASP Coordinator will upload a copy of your course's syllabus to the form "Acceptance Documents" shortly after you Commit to the program. A final syllabus will be provided by your instructor on the first day of class containing a final schedule of assignment due dates and assessment dates.

ASP Short Courses will host 6 distinct academic courses which run concurrently for the three weeks of the program. Each participant will go to class mornings, Monday - Thursday, and participate in activities and excursions during the afternoons and weekends.

ASP Short Courses are designed to be the equivalent of 3 US credits - so they will not be easy! Your MSU professors have developed engaging and challenging coursework for you to allow you to get the most out of your education abroad experience. Come to the program ready to work and to learn!

All course materials (textbooks, course packs) will be provided on your first day of class. There will be no pre-reading required. During the program, the ASP Cultural Program should not interfere with your ability to perform well and attend each class session.

Upon completion of your course, final grades will be submitted to the ASP Coordinator within 30 days of the last day of class. The Coordinator will produce individual Grade Report, which will be sent to your email address on file. If you require your Grade Report sent to someone at your home school, please inform the ASP Coordinator after they send your final grade report to you.