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Health, Safety, & Student Conduct

Health Insurance Information

You will automatically be enrolled in our Health Insurance Plan with International Student Insurance! The cost of this plan is included in your program fee.

Your plan is with Tokyo Marine HHC and has a $100,000 policy maximum and $0 deductible. Your provider network is the First Health Network.

Plan Highlights:
- $0 Copay (upfront fee) when visiting any Urgent Care Facility
- $200 Copay (upfront fee) when visiting an emergency room. If you are admitted to the hospital as an in-patience, that fee will be waived.
- Coverage throughout the United States, as long as the health care provider is in-network.

Visit our landing page for links to important information regarding your insurance plan, including a provider search.
To download a copy of your insurance card and submit claims information, visit the Student Zone.

Finally, click here to download the plan brochure.

Emergency Contacts

US Emergency Number

(To Be Announced)
24/7 ASP Emergency Line

Non-Emergency MSU Police Number

24 Hour Crisis Line for Counseling & Sexual Assault

US Laws

The legal drinking age in the United States is 21. Purchasing, possessing, and consuming alcohol underage is illegal. Providing alcohol to people under the age of 21 is also against the law. It is illegal to drink in public and have open bottles in public places (including common areas in Owen Hall).

Marijuana is strictly prohibited on all MSU property and sponsored events. Medical and recreational marijuana are legal in the state of Michigan, but marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Therefore, the possession and/or use of marijuana during this program is against the law.

MSU is a tobacco free campus. Consuming tobacco on campus is strictly prohibited.

Statement of Responsibility

As a participant in an ASP Short Course, you are required to read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations outlined in the Short Course Statement of Responsibility. This is a contract between you and the American Semester Program and it details expected behavior and disciplinary actions that may be used. Agreeing to this contract is a commitment to ASP and your fellow participants to follow the laws, rules of the program, and to be an overall respectful person.

Read and sign the Statement of Responsibility in the form found in your Online Traveler Dashboard. Your signature on this form is required prior to your arrival to the program.

Any questions and/or concerns on this document can be sent to us at american(at)