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Course Enrollment & Registration



Check Your Course Enrollments

It may not be possible to fully complete your schedule due to numerous reasons outside of our control. However, once you are accepted to our program, you should be enrolled in or approved for a few courses.

To check your current enrollment, you must:

1. Log in to STUINFO at with your NetID and password

2. On the StuInfo dashboard, select Enrollment



3. Click Schedule of Courses. This will lead you to where all course offerings for upcoming semesters are listed



4. Click Schedule Tools at the top of the page, or hover over Schedule Tools and select Schedule Builder



5. Select the correct semester for your program

6. View your course enrollments towards the bottom of the page

7. Be aware of the Credits, Days, Times, and Locations of each course. Ensure your courses do not overlap, and that you are enrolled in courses you wish to take.

Once in Schedule Builder, you will see your course enrollments. The courses listed are the courses you are enrolled in. You are approved and registered in these courses and do not need to take any further steps. However, it may not be possible to fully complete your schedule at this moment due to numerous reasons outside of our control. 

Per visa regulations, you must be enrolled full-time at MSU. Undergraduate level students must be enrolled in 12 US credits (approximately 3-5 courses), and Graduate level students must be enrolled in at least 9 US credits (approximately 3-4 courses).

IMPORTANT: When checking your enrollments DO NOT drop any courses before speaking with us. Your immigration and visa requirements depend on this. If you drop a course on accident, we cannot guarantee you will get it back.


Requesting Additional Courses

While you should already be enrolled in a number of courses, you may be interested in changing your schedule or requesting additional coursework.

When looking for additional courses, it is important to think about:

  • How many credits do I need to take?
  • Do I want to fulfill degree requirements at my home university?
  • Will my home university accept the courses I wish to transfer back?
  • When is the course offered?
  • Are there course pre-requisites or requirements?
  • Do I meet these pre-requisites or requirements?
  • Are there subjects I have never had a chance to take before but want to at MSU?

Individual course descriptions, prerequisites and semester offerings can be found at schedule of courses. Students interested in College of Law courses can find course offerings here.

Learn more about Course Availability for the American Semester Program and Exchanges.


Course Eligibility and Approvals

Students must be flexible and willing to work with academic advisers at their home institutions to identify courses they wish to take at MSU. We cannot guarantee requested courses will be approved for any student.

Course denial is very common and is not unique to international students. Domestic, degree-seeking students must also meet all above requirements. As such, we greatly suggest American Semester Program & Exchange students be understanding and willing to work with our office and academic advisers to find the best courses for them.

American Semester Program students can find more information on approvals and course eligibility here. Exchange students can find more information here.