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Student Accounts & Bills



We have asked the Student Accounts office not to generate bills for you until after arrival on campus. If, however, you do receive a bill, it should not be due until well after you have arrived on campus.

While you will not be required to make bill payments prior to your arrival on campus, we still think it's important you understand where to find your bill and how to pay it.

To check your current bill, you must:

1. Log in to StuInfo at with your NetID and password

2. Click Billing Statement



3. Your current billing statement will be listed to the right of the page. NOTE: this bill will NOT change once created, even if you have enrolled or dis-enrolled from courses



4. Click Account Detail for a more in-depth, detailed look at your current bill



Questions About Billing & Finances

Should I bring cash with me when I travel to MSU?

Yes, but only in small amounts. You do not need to bring large amounts of cash with you. Contact your bank before you leave to let them know you are traveling. There might be small international transaction fees, but you will not need to stress about carrying a lot of money.

How do I find my MSU Tuition and Housing bill?

Please note: The billing statements will not be finalized until after you arrive on campus. Payment of fees will not be necessary or available until after the orientation week! 

When is my tuition due?

An email will be sent to your MSU email account toward the end of the mandatory orientation program. This message will notify you that your bill is available to view in StuInfo.

The bill must be paid by the date posted on your bill - this is usually about two weeks after the bill was created/updated. As stated before, you do not have to worry about a payment due date before arrival!

May I pay my tuition with a credit card?

Yes. MSU accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Credit card payments can be made online only through StuInfo. All credit card payments will be charged a convenience fee.

Does MSU accept Wire Transfer payments?

Yes. Wire transfer payments can be initiated online through StuInfo. Select 'wire transfer' and print out the directions. Take the instructions to your financial institution to make the payment.

Can I pay MSU with a bank draft from my home country?

Yes. However, you must pay the exact amount owed to MSU. Do not include extra funds. Bank drafts may take 2-3 weeks to process.

Does MSU accept payments from non-United States bank accounts?

No, MSU does not accept payment from foreign bank accounts.