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Global Studies: Digital Media and Technology


During the last 20 years, human lives have become increasingly shaped by digital media and technology. This interactive course offered by the Global Studies in the Arts & Humanities program at Michigan State University focuses on a specific set of current issues that have developed specifically with the growing importance of digital media and technologies in the contemporary world. These issues range from the clandestine collection of data to surveillance, from networks to piracy, from cyborgs to whistleblowers. Even though access to digital technology has not expanded equally across the globe, digital media and technology have transformed almost every aspect of human life on a global scale.

This course asks the following questions: What is the role of digital media and technology in the world, in individual lives, and in communities across distances and inequalities? How do digital media and technology enable and complicate human interactions and the formation of community at the local, national and global levels? How is digital technology changing what it means to be human? In what ways are humans developing new forms of knowledge, cultural practices, and practical skills through everyday uses of digital media and technology? How can we use technologies to examine digital media? How can we construct effective media projects (including websites, blogs, podcasts, graphics, games, virtual spaces, audio and video recordings, etc.) that express an awareness of the complex relationship between humans and machines.

This course was developed by the Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities. Sean Pue, former director of the Digital Humanities program at MSU, designed this course. He is currently an associate professor of Hindi Language and South Asian Literature and Culture at Michigan State University. Professor Pue blogs at


This course is supervised by MSU Faculty. Participants work in small groups with researchers in the Digital Humanities and Global Studies Programs. The course uses the resources of the Digital Scholarship Lab at MSU and will provide instruction for the development of projects using innovative technologies. Our faculty look forward to teaching ASP short courses and often remain connected to international students long after the course finishes. 


Students will live on campus at Michigan State University’s Owen Hall.

To learn more about Owen Hall and see some photos, click here.

Accommodation Details

  • All students will be placed in single rooms, sharing a suite style bathroom with one other person of the same gender.
  • Rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and dresser.
  • Bed linens, pillows, and towels are provided by the residence hall and can be exchanged for clean linens weekly.
  • Owen Hall has several common spaces including a take-out style restaurant and convenience store, cafeteria style seating, a media room, community kitchen, study rooms, a computer lab, music practice rooms, and a large outdoor patio.
  • Air conditioning is not available in individual rooms, but all common spaces are air-conditioned. Students are provided with box fans in their rooms.

Internet Access in Owen Hall

  • Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and common spaces throughout Owen Hall.

Owen Hall Security

  • Owen Hall has a service desk staffed 24-7. The staff can answer any questions residents have and can help resolve maintenance issues by contacting maintenance staff.
  • All students are given a key to their room and an access card upon check-in. Only residents can access the floor on which they live in Owen Hall with their access card.


  • Toilet paper and trash bags are provided free of charge by Owen Hall.
  • Sports equipment can be checked out from the service desk.
  • River Walk Market, a takeaway style restaurant, is located in the lobby and accepts Spartan Cash.

Activities & Excursions

Day trip to Detroit

Students will explore Michigan's largest city through its automotive and Motown music industries. 

Tour of the Michigan Capitol Building

Lansing is just down the road from MSU, and it is our state capital. Tour the historic building and learn about Michigan’s history and how our government works.

Lansing Lugnuts Baseball Game

The Lansing Lugnuts are Lansing’s own minor league baseball team, and we’ll go to a game and cheer them on! Experience the traditional American sport of baseball, eat hot dogs at the ball park, and try to get a picture with the Lugnuts’ mascot “Big Lug”. 

Other Local Excursions

Michigan is home to diverse cities and beautiful parks and lakes, and summer is the best time to explore! We will travel to different areas in Michigan to help you explore both our cities and our landscapes. Potential excursions include a visit to a state park and a beach day on Lake Michigan.

Graduation Ceremony

Celebrate with your new friends the completion of your American Semester Program Short Course! Take part in an American style graduation (after decorating your grad cap) and celebrate with your professors.

Course Objectives & Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course students will:

  • Possess the tools and strategies to conduct research on the uses of digital technologies in relation to globalization
  • Acquire the concepts and terminology to analyze the cultural and ethical questions associated with the uses of digital technology
  • Develop technical skills in designing and creating digital media resources


  • Class Attendance and Participation
  • Discussion Questions (10 points)
  • Digital Activities (internet-based research + 2-page paper) (50 points)
  • Final Project (40 points)


Beaumont Side Pic.pngLOCATION 

Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 

Michigan enjoys all four seasons, and in July, MSU is typically very warm with lots of sunshine. Pictured here is an MSU landmark, Beaumont Tower.

Learn more about MSU!

Untitled-3ggsadgsdag.pngPROGRAM DATES

June 29 - July 21, 2024

• June 29: Student Arrival
• June 30: Student Orientation
• July 1: Classes begin
• July 20: Classes End, Graduation Ceremony
• July 21: Student Departure

Other activities yet to be scheduled include: Day trip to Detroit, Lansing Lugnuts Baseball Game, Holland State Park Beach Day, Game Night at a Local Arcade, Tour of Lansing State Capitol


$3,500 USD

• Program orientation and tuition
• 50 on-campus meals
• On-campus single room housing
• Excursion to Detroit
• Excursion to Holland State Park
• Lansing Lugnuts baseball game
• Tour of Lansing State Capitol
• Game Night at a local arcade
• Graduation Ceremony
• $20 Lyft Voucher to get to campus



Apply online to a Short Course program through our online application system. After creating your Traveler Profile, you can find this program and begin your application! Before you begin your application, however, please prepare the following (you will not be able to complete your application without them):

  • 500-word Personal Essay
    • Please explain why you believe you are qualified for this course and why you want to study abroad at Michigan State University in the USA.
  • Academic Transcript
    • Copies and unofficial transcripts are accepted.
    • You transcript must have your full name and your school’s seal/logo/name clearly visible.

The American Semester Program is looking for applicants who are in good standing (academically and behaviorally) at their home universities. Although ASP reviews your application, the faculty instructors of each course will have the final admissions decision and they reserve the right to deny admission.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2024