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Program Opportunities


The American Semester Program is designed to provide students with an all-American personal and academic experience!

We provide orientations, workshops, advising and programming to both welcome and orient students, but also to afford them the opportunity to learn about the culture and people of Michigan and the United States of America. During their time at MSU, ASP participants have:

  • Visited the nearby cities of Detroit, Grand Rapids and Chicago
  • Attended professional and collegiate sporting events
  • Planned a day trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula
  • Visited the great shores of Lake Michigan
  • Volunteered in the Lansing community
  • Attended a concert or show at local venues
  • ...and many, many more!

Our program works to provide the structure for students to easily plan trips and tours around the community, with the ASP office also programming and coordinating events throughout the semester.

*Excursions and events vary per semester.