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Preparing for Arrival

Exchange and ASP Students: You have received your official welcome packet and are getting ready to prepare for your time at MSU. We thought it would be a good idea to provide a list of things you will want to take care of or keep in mind. We look forward to welcoming you on campus!

Now that you have received your welcome packet, here are a few things you want to do or start thinking about as you plan for your semester or year abroad:

  1. Send an email to american(at) (ASP Direct Enroll) or msuex(at) (Exchange Students) and confirm that you have received your acceptance packet.
  2. Obtain your visa stamp for your passport. Follow the instructions provided by your local United States consulate or embassy on how to make a visa appointment and pay the necessary fees.
    • Students must have the visa paperwork issued by MSU in hand before they can make the appointment for the visa interview!
  3. Make your travel arrangements based on the appropriate arrival day mentioned in your welcome packet. Fill out and return the arrival form we mentioned in your acceptance packet and welcome email.
    • We can only plan on picking you up on the official arrival day if we know well in advance when you are arriving that day and where in East Lansing we will be picking you up.
  4. Return all the required forms from your acceptance packet via email.
  5. Check that you can access your MSU student account and MSU email.
    • To do this use the NetID and password provided in your acceptance packet.
  6. Check your MSU email regularly. We and other MSU offices send emails every 2 weeks and sometimes everyday.
    • Make sure to check your spam/junk folder and adjust the setting for that folder as needed. Sometimes our e-mails are sorted into that folder at first.
  7. Read everything we are sending you carefully!
  8. Return your course selection form or work with the American Semester coordinator or Exchange coordinator to choose your courses and get enrolled.
    • The course selection form is provided in your acceptance packet, but likely you also already submitted it with your application.
  9. If you wish to waive the insurance coverage through MSU, prepare the necessary documents needed for the waiver. This website offers more information.
  10. Decide what to bring! And pack your bags!

If your question is not answered here, contact us:

American Semester Program (Direct Enroll Students) and Short Course: american(at)
Exchange Students: msuex(at)