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Cost and Fee Payment

How do I pay my bills?

MSU students pay their bills on the StuInfo website. Through this website students can access their bills, check due dates and make payments.

Payment options are also listed on the website for the Controller's Office at MSU.

It is important to note that there are large fees associated with paying by credit card, so most students choose to wire money to Michigan State. To learn more about reading your bill, or if you have further questions, please visit the Student Accounts FAQ page. It answers a very comprehensive list of questions!

When do I pay my bills?

Bills for all new incoming students will be finalize after you first arrive on campus. That means that students are not required to initiate bill payment before traveling to MSU.

Once a bill was created students have about 2 weeks to complete payment on that bill. The two week window is sufficient for most students to initiate payment. However, please be sure to pay close attention to payment due dates to avoid late fees.

For questions, please e-mail american(at) or msuex(at)

What are the fees associated with the American Semester Program?

The fees are different depending on if you are an exchange or a study abroad student on the American Semester Program. Please visit the Program Fees page for a description of the fees. If you need help determining if you are an exchange or study abroad student, please visit the About Programs page or send a message to american(at) or msuex(at)