International Studies & Programs


About Our Students

Our students come from various walks of life, cultures and countries. They bring with them their unique life experiences and enhance the global Spartan community. By integrating with local students and faculty, our students are able to expand their educational exposures and learn from a new culture and way of life. 

On average, MSU welcomes over 150 students annually through our American Semester Program, Exchange Program, Short Course Programs and Special Programs. Our students are able to fully integrate into MSU, accessing countless resources available to them.

Most students see our programs as a supplement to their home university studies, hoping to expand their education through MSU's various academic specialties.

Academically, ASP and Exchange students have the breadth of MSU course offerings at their disposal - students study agriculture, engineering, communications, business and more. Our summer short course and special program students have a huge advantage of accessing MSU facilities and resources at a time that best suits their needs.

The core of our programming revolves around the American campus. We look to fully integrate our students culturally, academically and physically - an opportunity only found in a university like MSU.

From countries like Australia, Japan and Germany, to Indonesia, Ecuador, and Azerbaijan, our students are all here for one reason: to experience all that MSU has to offer!


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